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Supporting people 14+ who live in North Staffordshire with Autistic Spectrum Conditions to achieve a sustainable lifestyle

Lifeworks initially screen new clients to see how we can help; we refer people to other organisations who would not benefit from our services. We have a landline, mobile, and e-mail that anyone who needs help can contact us on. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Client Social Groups

Carer Support Groups

Playing Cards

Lifeworks have a variety of social activities and support groups at our building for people on the autistic spectrum to attend. Our clients can find it difficult to socialise and we provide an environment where clients can talk to like minded people and join in any activities to improve confidence and well-being. Activities include: retro games, board games, quiz nights, rambles and pool.

Coffee Time

Lifeworks run three groups per month in the community for carers who need advice, a chat with people who understand or just need to offload their thoughts or worries. Lifeworks understand that being a carer for someone on the autistic spectrum can be difficult and we can provide some support.

Dungeons and Dragons

One to One Appointments

Other ways we can help include: referral for a formal diagnosis, emotional support, befriending, advocacy at appointments, support letters to organisations + workplaces, and CV support. One of our volunteers can provide support if you are having problems with your computer or device. Staff hours are limited so appointments need to be made in advance. Lifeworks ask for a donation for certain services so we can keep going as a charity. Please see below or contact us for information. 

Lifeworks keeps all information confidential and clients can ask for their information to be deleted at any time.

Bullet Journal

If you need to see someone in private to discuss personal issues or struggle in group environments please contact Lifeworks and we can arrange an appointment for you to see one of our professionals. It may be possible to see someone at @21 in Leek if you struggle to get to our office in Newcastle. Please contact us for details.

Chess Board

This group is for children and young people and takes place at Leek Fire Station. Carers can come along for a chat and refreshments. Two of our volunteers have started this group for people on the spectrum and their families to play board games and Dungeons and Dragons.

Paid Services

Below are our services that we ask you to pay for. This is a small charge for our time and expertise. If you are struggling you can request to pay in instalments.

Please contact us if you would like more information or would like to become a client, but you must live in North Staffordshire to access these services. 

Lifeworks provide a yearly £10 subscription service. This will give you access to our our six monthly newsletter by e-mail, two group Life-Coaching sessions, and discounts to any conferences we host.

Heart & Hands

Support Letter


Lifeworks write supporting letters for clients if they are having issues with a service or organisation. For example, we can explain the clients' condition, how their autistic spectrum condition affects them, and what reasonable adjustments they might need. We can also write letters on behalf of carers who might find it too overwhelming to communicate their needs or family members' needs. These letters can be to schools, colleges, universities, housing associations, DWP, employers, landlords, energy companies, the council, other organisations.

Benefit Forms


The main benefit claims we deal with are Universal Credit, PIP, ESA and DLA. Lifeworks support clients and their carers to fill in these forms so they have the best chance of successfully receiving their benefit without having to go to the next stage. Lifeworks may also include a supporting letter as additional evidence.

Reconsideration Letter


If a clients benefit form has been turned down by the DWP, Lifeworks can write a reconsideration letter outlining in detail why they think the decision is wrong. Lifeworks write these letters with input from the client and their carers to see if they will overturn their decision and pay them the benefit. Further medical evidence will need to be included and a personal letter from the client/carer.

Medical Assessment


Most clients claiming benefits will need a medical assessment. This is either done by phone or in person. A health professional will ask questions and observe the client then make a decision to see if they are on the correct benefit. An advocate from Lifeworks can be present to support the client and advise the health professional.



For clients who have applied for benefits, have gone through the reconsideration process, and still have not received their benefit can decide go to the next stage: a tribunal. An advocate from Lifeworks can attend to support the client. Tribunals require a lot of preparation and time, including detailed letters and further medical evidence provided. Clients only have to pay this if the tribunal is successful.

Life Coaching

£30 per session

Louise Zandian coaches individuals on a one to one basis with autistic spectrum conditions and ADHD to gain strategies to cope in social and work related environments. Each session is £30 and lasts 1 hour.

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