What People Say

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Liam, Client

‘Since becoming a client I have more self-confidence and this has boosted my self-esteem. I feel understood at Lifeworks and this has helped remove the isolation I was experiencing’.

Thair, Client

‘Coming to Lifeworks is a way of meeting other people in the same situation. It’s a place I can go where people don’t judge. I feel my life has changed for the better and now I have a purpose. Before the support from Lifeworks my life consisted of many struggles but now I can speak to people at Lifeworks and always feel supported’.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Linda, Client

‘Lifeworks has given me confidence, also a social life in a safe and friendly environment, it also helps me to understand myself and helps when I am feeling down.’

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Martyn, Client

‘They are understanding with how I am. Helped me understand myself and why I do things the way I do. Made me feel more confident and given me a social life with people who are understanding and not as judgemental. They have also helped me with filling forms in for PIPS.’

Linda, Carer

'Lifeworks are brilliant they helped so much with my
son James. Janet came to appointments
with us she was brilliant. I’m James carer and mother
Linda. Cant thank them enough'

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Dr Wood, Professional

To everyone at
Lifeworks, I just wanted to say
a big thank you for supporting
our student, Trainee
Clinical Psychologist with
accessing participants to take
part in her research for her
thesis. Our student has now
completed her research and
has passed her viva. I know
she is planning to contact you
to say thank you herself and
to give you some feedback
from the research, but as her
clinical supervisor, I also
wanted to say thank you for
your support.

The Autistic Spectrum
not as you know it!